May 15, 2020

‘This Arowhon Life’ Episode 5 – Avoiding ‘Bridgies’ and Other Teaching Tips

Welcome to episode 5 of “This Arowhon Life”, Camp Arowhon’s weekly podcast that helps us feel connected, inspired, and supported by our beautiful wilderness home. I’m your host, and Camp Arowhon Tripping Director, Andre Amiro.

In this episode, we’re talking about teaching, and the many challenges we, as parents, can face while trying to teach our kids at home. Camp Director Joanne Kates is joined this week by Camp Arowhon Assistant Director – and son! – Max Muszynski, who will share skills and techniques he’s employed as an activity instructor and teacher trainer in his 20 year career at Arowhon and abroad. Max and Jo will share their perspectives on how we can ensure our kids are engaged when we teach them, how we can set them up for success, and how we can optimize our teaching based on the stages of the learning process.

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