Camp Arowhon


May 5, 2016

Homesick AND Happy

Now is the moment of the great Canadian camp jitters. Kids who’ve signed up for camp for the first time are having their oh no, this is REAL moment. Their stomachs plummet like an elevator in free-fall, as the warm weather and the deluge of camp emails make the reality of camp sink in. Some […]

March 8, 2016

Sherry Turkle on How Screen Time Changes Kids… for the Worse

Sherry Turkle, PhD, is the author of Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age, was released in 2015 and investigates how a departure from conversation undermines our relationships, creativity, and productivity — and why reclaiming face-to-face conversation can help us recover lost and valuable skills. What got you interested in tackling in […]

March 2, 2016

How Do You Know if Your Child is Ready for Camp?

Parents are always asking me: “How will I know?” The easy answer has to do solely with separation. If your child does sleepovers (and doesn’t have to come home in the middle of the night!) that’s a positive sign of their ability to separate from parents at camp. Sleepovers at friends’ houses! Grandparents and cousins […]

February 1, 2016

Self Esteem and How Not to Grow It

My mother, who stayed home and gave us everything she had, raised us with the notion that three good home-cooked meals a day and a snack after school was as far as the parenting thing went. She didn’t edit my college essays or advise me on friends or teach me how to straighten my hair. […]

January 18, 2016

How to help your high school student get into the driver’s seat….

I had a question from a reader about how to get her high-school age daughter to advocate for herself at school. Ask for extra help. Find out the timing of tests and assignments, connect with teachers and letting them know she exists. This is a perennial parental challenge. We know how and what they need […]

December 16, 2015

Christmas Cheer

Christmas is the most important time of the year for my family. Surprised? As a Jew, I am hardly erecting Christmas trees or holding my breath till Santa comes down the chimney, but Christmas is a holy time for our family. I do mean holy. A family, like any other organism, subsists on nourishment. Time […]

November 11, 2015

Defining “Bullying”

By: Mara Kates, Assistant Director “Bully” has been the buzz word amongst parents and people who work with young people for the past few years now. And it’s great that we are so aware of our kids’ social and emotional well-being. And it’s great that we’re teaching kids that it’s ok to reach out and […]

October 13, 2015

Supporting Anxious Kids

By Mara Kates, Assistant Director At camp, we get a unique epidemiological perspective on childhood afflictions. I am not a scientist but I would hazard a guess that rates of childhood anxiety are on the rise. Whether a kid has a clinically diagnosed anxiety disorder or is simply afraid of the dark, children (and their […]

October 7, 2015

Stop Googling. Let’s Talk.

COLLEGE students tell me they know how to look someone in the eye and type on their phones at the same time, their split attention undetected. They say it’s a skill they mastered in middle school when they wanted to text in class without getting caught. Now they use it when they want to be […]

October 5, 2015

Boys and School, Not Always a Marriage Made in Heaven

He’s got a lot of energy… He’s always moving… He’s quite a handful…. Wow, is this guy going to the Olympics, he’s quite competitive…. Does he ever sit down? These comments are code for: Your son is difficult to manage in the classroom. Or program… Or play-date. When teachers or coaches or other parents say […]