Camp Arowhon


September 10, 2015

Parents as Dictators

Try an experiment. Ask your kids how much control they feel they have over their lives. You may be surprised. Because our kids tend to be so privileged, we erroneously assume they feel in control of their lives. We mistakenly equate privilege with control. But the two are profoundly different. Privilege means having lots of […]

June 21, 2015

Saying goodbye to campers… at the bus… at camp….

A Summer Camp Lesson: Good-bye, and Go Away, Thank You Very Much                                      by JESSICA LAHEY in The Atlantic Three years ago, when he was eleven, my son Ben set down a very specific parental code of conduct […]

June 1, 2015

Why is camp so good for kids?

I love my iPhone. I fondle it. I can’t seem to tolerate a nano-second without its electronic stimulation, so in lineups (waiting to pay for almost anything) or even the most minuscule of downtimes, I’m on my cherished device. Sound familiar? And we’re immigrants to the internet. Imagine how much more addictive it is for […]

May 31, 2015

Worried about a disruptive child influencing your kid?

A powerful letter from teacher Amy Murray to the parents of her kindergarten students. Murray is the director of early childhood education at the Calgary French & International School and co-founder of #Kinderchat ( The letter was originally published on her blog Miss Night’s Marbles: Dear Parent: I know. You’re worried. Every day, your […]

May 1, 2015

What’s a bad mother?

Two of my friends – in the last week – have called themselves bad mothers in conversation with me. This is so far from okay that it makes me feel like exploding. Which kinda reminds me of how I felt when I asked my now 29-year-old daughter if I was good mother to her. She […]

March 10, 2015

Calming Down Kids Who Catastrophize

 To Connect With Kids, Just Call ’em Like You See ’em by Dr. Chris Thurber As a parent, I sometimes find myself contradicting what my kids say. My 10-year-old son Sava, for example, has a tendency to catastrophize. When the LEGO structure he is building collapses, he’s likely to say something like, “I hate LEGOs. […]

March 2, 2015

I admit it: I was a pushy mom… perhaps still am

I was in a conversation, in a country not Canada, far away from home, with a woman. I told her an anecdote (subject not important). She responded: “Oh, that would be great for the essays.” Huh? Of course that went way over my husband’s head (more on that later, and no, he is far from […]

February 6, 2015

Sex at camp?

Sex is such an interesting subject. We mostly agree it’s a good thing. Procreation aside, as parents we tend to think of sex as a delicious way to express and extend our love and intimacy together. But how about our kids having sex? Scary thought. More complicated. Some of us would like to put them in […]

February 2, 2015

A plea for vaccinating children, from The New York Times

The Vaccine Lunacy Disneyland, Measles and Madness JAN. 31, 2015 Photo CreditBen Wiseman  Frank Bruni A FEW years back, an acerbic friend of mine who was a recent transplant to Los Angeles told me that she itched to write a satirical novel with the following narrative: A group of wealthy, educated people in Santa Monica […]

January 21, 2015

Parenting the Stubborn Child

We all know this kid. This is the kid who says no more often than yes. This is the kid who always has an answer when you say it’s homework time, or time to turn off the TV. Or time to go to bed. And it’s never the answer you want to hear. This is […]