August 17, 2021

A Day to Remember

Energy is running high as we enter the last week of camp.
Cheering resounds from all corners of camp as campers achieve high class awards – the traditional way of telling campers if they passed their test is by pushing them in the lake and all their friends jump in to celebrate with them, so half the camp is walking round wearing lifejackets “just in case” – a sight to behold.
Speaking of lifejackets, the 10 day canoe trip got back today after an epic adventure down the Petawawa river, and received a well-deserved royal greeting.
Evening activity was Arowhon-a-Palooza, our annual performing arts talent night featuring truly impressive songs and dances, hilarious Senior Boy MC’s, and the most incredibly supportive audience.
For the past many years, the Colour War break skit has happened right after ‘Palooza so it was quite the shocker when campers were ushered home to bed from the show… and equally as exciting when “ghosts” dressed in flowing white gowns and holding candles came to wake them up to escort them into the bowels of a pirate ship (a.k.a. the retired Covid tents). This was just the start of a fabulously dramatic immersive skit, compete with cannons, the voyageur canoe transformed into a pirate ship with a 12 foot high crows nest, and grammy-worthy acting and sound effects.
It was a strong start to the final week – the coming days have some big shoes to fill but I have a feeling that they (and we) are up for the task!

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