July 11, 2017

Busy day at camp.

Today was a busy day at camp! So much happened it’s hard to keep track of it all. The junior play of Alice in Wonderland was fantastic. We saw some big acting from some little people. That combined with jaw dropping sets and top notch costumes made for a production quality that had everyone in the audience amazed.


At dinner tonight the largest “flash mob” this camp has ever seen was put on. The FAD program organized over 100 people to showcase their dance moves. By the end the whole building was on its feet rocking to the music.


The evening for the senior girls and junior girls had them dressing up in duos for the first junior senior night of the summer. They ate dinner together and then went on to do a whole range of fun activities.


The day was capped off with a torch paddle. Watching the canoes dance on the glass like Tepee lake with the fire reflecting in the water never ceases to amaze. As amazing as the acts of balance and grace that the campers in the routine performed, the more amazing act may be the dedication they have shown to perfect these maneuvers. Early in the mornings you will see campers paddling before the mist has even lifted off the lake. They tirelessly practice to showcase their skills to the camp and boy does it pay off.


– Max

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