July 12, 2017

Seth Godin has Returned!

We had a beloved Arowhon alumni return to us today. Seth Godin has come back to the place he loves. When Seth visits profound things happen here. Suddenly we see people walking around camp juggling, the LIT’s leave a session feeling renewed inspiration to learn and grow, juniors solo canoes in high wind.

There is energy in the air that he creates with his presence. This energy is exemplified with his telling of the David Curhan story. That classic camp ghost story that scares us all the bone and yet we can’t help but listen with rapt attention.

Today we also had our first white water kayaking trip of the summer go out. It was a huge success. Everyone involved from young inter girls to the oldest senior boys learned the skills they needed to surf river waves, eddie out, pick their ferry angles and generally have a great time on the Oxtongue river, our local white water spot. After seeing the tired but smiling faces of the returning paddlers I could tell we have hooked a new generation of campers on the excitement of adventures on the river.

  • Max

3 responses to “Seth Godin has Returned!”

  1. Greg Pinch says:

    Ahhhh man, that’s sooo cool that Seth is there !!!

  2. Seth Godin says:

    Just saw this, Max.

    It means the world to me that I have a home with such loving, magical people.

    You and your family have created a very special place. No one ever forgets what happened to them on Teepee lake.

    Thanks for letting me be a small part of it.

  3. Arowhon says:

    Hope to see you again next Summer Seth!

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