August 22, 2016

Don’t Cry Because it’s Over, Smile Because it Happened

It’s been a bittersweet day on Planet Arowhon. Campers and staff spent their last day crossing items off their summer bucket lists: marshmallows were roasted, songs sung, final dips in Tepee Lake and early morning paddles in the mist. Everyone was looking forward to the banquet dinner tonight and it didn’t disappoint with the delicious curly fries, greek salad, steak, sushi, and of course chocolate-covered strawberries. Each activity then presented awards for campers who showed exemplary leadership, dedication, or improvement this summer, and we commemorated ALL of our campers for their incredible drive to challenge themselves and master new skills at activities. We don’t know of any other camp where campers work and play so hard, rain or shine and come out of the summer with such high level activity skills that they will have for life!

We also revealed the full camp plaque at the end of the banquet: a beautiful landscape of Teepee Lake in the sunset with 2 horses running across the front of the Main Lodge (in honour of both all the amazing camper riders this summer, and Mara’s horse Star who marked his 15th summer at camp and made a miraculous recovery from a traumatic injury). Keep your eyes on the mail for the September newsletter to see what it looks like!

Then we went up to Rustic Lounge and were taken on a trip down memory lane with an incredible video and slideshow of the summer highlights (check out to find out when and where it will be posted). The evening is ending with our magical tradition of each camper taking a candle (all of which are arranged in a huge “A” shape in front of the ML) and putting it on the lake to float away with a wish.

We’re so sad to say goodbye to such an incredible group of campers and staff and an AMAZING summer on Tepee Lake. We can’t wait to see everyone again next summer… LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!

Thank you so much parents for sharing your wonderful kids with us and we hope you enjoy getting them back as much as we enjoyed having them!