August 21, 2016

Oh What A Night!

Rustic Lounge Productions blew us away again with another FABULOUS theatrical spectacular! Mamma Mia was it ever a great show! The inters and seniors acted and sang their hearts out and had us channeling our inner ABBA as we sang and clapped along with them. Right at the end of the show, as the crowd was going wild, as if things couldn’t get any more exciting, the Brent Boys returned from their marathon journey and stormed the stage to take their well-deserved bows and sing the Point cheer at the tops of their lungs.

Although the summer is coming to an end, we are really winding up, not down. Camp was abuzz with pride and excitement all day as campers achieved high class awards all over the place. Many happy tears were shed over heartfelt speeches in the dining hall, and we know that the recipients will never forget this day in history.

As we head into our last day of programming, we look back on all the wonderful memories we have of this summer and wish it could go on forever. But we know our summer home will always be here for us to return to, and no matter how far we are from our camp friends, they will always live close in our hearts.