July 13, 2019

Highlights of the Day

Today was Circus Day and the Magen Boys dance so energy was high (due to a perfect combination of junk food and adrenaline;). Obviously the kids had a great time, but from a director’s perspective I witnessed a few moments that warmed my heart and affirmed that all the work we do training our staff and cultivating our culture is paying off:

  • Multiple staff on day off participating in Circus Day for the fun of it
  • Seniors piggy-backing Juniors between booths and letting them go to the front of the line popular booths
  • Campers and staff helping clean up after the chaos without being asked
  • Two 13 year old boys “slow dancing” with each other at the dance
  • A dance circle around one of our campers with special needs who was rocking out

I’m going to bed proud and grateful and excited to see what the next 2 weeks has in store.

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