July 9, 2019

Magic on the Water

We can’t believe the 2 week session is already coming to a close! The departing Juniors are leaving on a high note as today was a very special one on Planet Arowhon. It started out with a rousing skit announcing that the Inter-Senior play this month will be Grease – definitely a popular choice by the crowd response – and ended with our first torch paddle of the season. There are really no words to describe the magic of a torch paddle to someone who hasn’t experienced one. Simply saying “a synchronized canoe routine with torches attached to the boats” doesn’t seem to do it justice. Imagine our whole community of 500 sitting on the steps of the Main Lodge watching the night fall over the pristine lake… the first stars coming out and reflecting on the glassy water… then, as if by magic, the crowd quiets and making way for soft music notes, and from across the lake we see what looks like a constellation of extra bright stars dancing across the water toward us. As the sky grows darker, the torches burn brighter, creating a mirror image of themselves on the water below. Not a peep is made by even the most impulsive juniors. An electricity flows through the crowd and we know that this is the stuff summer camp magic is made from.

In between the day was full of special activities including Junior-Senior night for the girls and a raid of the Point’s famous Sprite fountain by the boys (the rumours are mixed on it’s actual location… we think they’re trying to throw us off the trail by changing their stories each time we ask). And of course the session wouldn’t have been complete for the Juniors without an ice cream party for dessert, preceded by our regular bowl-and-spoon orchestra that can be heard lakes away – sorry weekend warriors!


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