August 7, 2013

We got lucky with the weather this morning

I was booked to do a first class canoe test (our highest achievement level) this morning at 7. When I awoke at 5:45 the wind was blowing hard and there was big rain. Not so great for style canoeing. By the time I got to the canoe dock at 7 the rain had abated. And at 7:25, at the moment it became clear that this was a flawless test, the sun came out and shone bright on an incredible canoeing achievement, years in the making. Her friends, counsellors and section head were all there to cheer her on, as well as all the (seven) canoeing staff, and some other ardent canoeists. It’s never just about one person when there’s an achievement like that. A high level award here at Arowhon is always the result of many summers of hard work – and strong teaching. These tests are watched by other kids, who see the celebratory aspect of the achievement – and also the dedication – and decide to go for it themselves. Which is part of how we motivate campers to believe in themselves and their potential, and to love learning… and now I have to go. I wouldn’t want to miss watching the entire camp cheer wildly as a new first class canoeist is carried into breakfast on the shoulders of her canoeing instructors.

A new first class canoeist

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