August 6, 2013

Sleeping Beauty

The Junior play Sleeping Beauty just ended. For little people they have big voices and mighty stage presence. They sang beautifully and acted from the heart… and of course looked splendid in sequined gowns, velvet cloaks and royal crowns…. Earlier today windsurfing and FAD (Fitness, Aerobics and Dance) got together all day for SOGA –  surf/yoga – yoga on windsurfing boards. Lots of fun. Imagine 20 kids doing tree pose on windsurfing boards in the middle of the lake… Today was also FIMO at Arts & Crafts, and at canoeing I had fun teaching Junior Boys to make air pockets by dumping canoes and getting under them in the air pocket. They loved that too… Most of the Inter Girls are on trip, some in Killarney Park. And every morning of course the Brent girls and boys are training, paddling and portaging circuits…Dinner tonight was super-crispy chicken wings (honey garlic, plain and sweet ‘n’ sour) with roast potatoes and mixed salad, and tofu chop suey for vegetarians.  Chocolate tarts for dessert. The forecast for tonight is 6′ C, so we’ve told everyone to cover up well tonight.

Another great day at camp

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