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July 31, 2013

Letter from a Dad to a 1st time camper

Open Letter to My Daughter, the Camper, by Scott Shamberg Dear Daughter, Tomorrow you leave for overnight camp, the first time you will be away from home for more than a night and/or not under the supervision of a loving grandparent. Overnight camp is one of the true gifts of your young life — a reward, […]


Triumph of the Disney Princesses

After lunch today the whole camp went outside to watch an extravaganza skit – gowns, tiaras, crowns, and of course a villain on horseback… It was the capture of the four Disney princesses by the bad guy, with the Junior Girls having to complete various challenges all afternoon to save the Disney princesses – which […]

July 30, 2013

A Golden Sunset Over Teepee Lake

Gold and pink are reflected in the lake, and camp is ringing with the sounds of campers playing at evening activity… The Junior Boys are doing Pirate Night at sailing (aka a themed beginner sailing lesson) and you can hear their shouts of delight on the lake…Two Senior Boy and Girl trips left this morning […]

July 29, 2013

Day 2 of 2nd session full program

Oh what a great day it’s been… Junior Girls and Boys were  having anchor lessons to learn to windsurf, beginner canoeing and riding lessons… and the Junior girls are just now finishing up their evening activity of Sailing with the Tuck Fairies (i.e. learning to sail and getting candy from the tuck fairies)… Tomorrow evening, […]

July 27, 2013

Junior Boy Cabin Photos – August 2013

Cabin 21 Cabin 19 Cabin 17 Cabin 15


Inter Boy Cabin Photos – August 2013

Cabin 3 Cabin XB Cabin XA Cabin 11 Cabin 9 Cabin 7


Senior Boy Cabin Photos – August 2013

The Smalls Cabin W Cabin K Cabin F


Junior Girl Cabin Photos – August 2013

Cabin 26 Cabin 24 Cabin 6 Cabin 4


Inter Girl Cabin Photos – August 2013

Cabin 8 Cabin 22 Cabin 20 Cabin 18 Cabin 14 Cabin 22


Senior Girl Cabin Photos – August 2013

The Curve Cabin 38B Cabin 38A Cabin 36