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July 2, 2013

Oh Arowhon!

Yesterday at dinner Adam, the head guitar instructor, came up during announcements with two Inter Girls who had been to guitar when they were writing O Canada songs…. and THIS is what they sang!    

July 1, 2013

Being Silly is SO Camp

Today at lunch we had an example of how the smallest things can turn into the biggest fun moments at camp, at the drop of a hat. A couple of days ago the riding staff had brought a small grey pony to dinner lineup and announced a “Name the Pony” contest. So kids submitted names. […]

June 30, 2013

Who’s Homesick?

I’ve been getting sad phone calls from parents….. It sounds to me like kid-sickness. As a mom myself, I 100% empathize with this. Control, after all, is my middle name. As a camp director I feel okay about my control gene… as a mom, I know it gets in the way. When our kids were […]

June 29, 2013

Game on!!!

It’s the first day of full camp program and everyone is out doing activities! With enthusiasm!! Instructors are teaching and campers are starting to learn new skills… the mood is super positive. The LITs left on canoe trip this morning, there was a skit with a small grey pony at morning lineup (to announce the […]


Junior Boy Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin 15 Cabin 17 Cabin 19 Cabin 21


Junior Girl Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin 4 Cabin 6 Cabin 24 Cabin 26


Inter Boy Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin 3 Cabin 7 Cabin 9 Cabin 11 Cabin XA Cabin XB


Inter Girl Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin 8 Cabin 12 Cabin 14 Cabin 18 Cabin 20 Cabin 22


Senior Boy Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin F Cabin K Cabin W Smalls


Senior Girl Cabin Photos – July 2013

Cabin 38A Cabin 38B   Curves