July 31, 2018

Bunk Note Blues

We sent out our first round of bunknotes recently and I spent a good part of my day today answering messages from concerned parents who had received less than positive ones.  Interestingly, I also today received the following email from a first month parent which I’ve gotten permission to share here. While we appreciate being notified of concerning news parents receive from their kids so we can investigate, it’s important to remember that letters home are often written when emotions are running highest and arrive at home after the situation has blown over or been addressed.

“Hello Mara,

I wanted to connect and say thanks for taking our concerns about E seriously and for dealing with them in an understanding and compassionate manner. I don’t like being “that parent”, but it’s hard to avoid! E came back and was very positive about camp and her counsellors. I now understand that the snapshot communication that we get as parents from our kids are at the peaks and valleys. 

Overall, thanks for the great experience that T and E had this summer. I can see how much they’ve grown and become more independent and very happy that the holistic memory of camp is a positive one. They look forward to next summer at Arowhon!


Camp Dad “


2 responses to “Bunk Note Blues”

  1. Jill Blinkoff Lyons says:

    Wow. Obviously a situation we dealt with yesterday. I agree I try not to be that parent and my reaction self not fully thinking it through makes that call to the camp office with a lump in my throat. We picked this camp to teach confidence trust and growth and I was quick to run and grab my daughter up. I guess the best advice I realize is to find your comfort zone and get as far away from it as possible. So I trust the process. Great letter.

  2. Mara Kates says:

    Thanks Jill – I know it’s hard from a distance!

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