September 12, 2013

The Red Gods Live!

It’s been a tough few weeks here on Teepee Lake. First the Main Lodge was emptied out. Once the plaques and the chandeliers and the sinks were all gone, our beloved ML looked almost dead. Then, on Tuesday of last week the “big claw” destroyed the ML. Mara and I stood there all day, in a light misty rain, crying while we watched our beloved home be destroyed. At the end of that day, all that remained of the ML was the two stone chimneys.

But it’s not over till the fat lady sings. When the “big claw” knocked over the centre chimney, we thought the Red Gods were shattered. But yesterday the “big claw” turned over the Red Gods, and they’re INTACT! Which left us with a decision: Now that we’ve saved the Red Gods, what to do with them? It would be great if we could put them back on the new ML chimney, but we can’t – for a bunch of complicated construction reasons… Sooo.. here’s what we’re going to do:

On Monday the “big claw” is going toΒ pick upΒ the Red Gods and move them to over by the sailing dock, where they will live, forever, to watch over us as as we line up in front of the new ML.

For continuous updates on the ML teardown and construction, visit our Facebook page.


All is not lost for the Main Lodge

2 responses to “The Red Gods Live!”

  1. Gael Carmichael - Harper ( Horse) says:

    The red Gods were meant to stay forever πŸ™‚ Great story, thanks for sharing !

  2. Rebecca Marowitz says:

    So glad the Red Gods are still intact! I miss camp so much and I constantly think about the amazing times I had at Arowhon. So many memories and friends. Love to the whole Arowhon family from Seattle, Washington!

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