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February 2, 2015

A plea for vaccinating children, from The New York Times

The Vaccine Lunacy Disneyland, Measles and Madness JAN. 31, 2015 Photo CreditBen Wiseman  Frank Bruni A FEW years back, an acerbic friend of mine who was a recent transplant to Los Angeles told me that she itched to write a satirical novel with the following narrative: A group of wealthy, educated people in Santa Monica […]

December 11, 2014

Perfectionism, an ill of the 21st century

I was talking to a distraught mom the other day, about her daughter who never feels good enough about herself. Funny (or maybe not so funny) thing is that the mom doesn’t feel good enough either. And she uses her daughter’s insecurities as a weapon to beat herself up. As in: The mom blames herself […]

November 26, 2014

Arowhon in Action!

The first ever Arowhon in Action event this past weekend brought out 150 Arowhon campers and parents to pack bags of clothes and food for the homeless, decorate them in true Arowhon Arts & Crafts style, and have a lot of fun while we did it – not to mention candy floss, caramel popcorn and […]

July 28, 2014

HoCho in Jo’s

At lunch today we announced that all juniors and inters who had signed up for windsurfing in the afternoon should go to Arts and Crafts instead because it was too cold. On my way out of the ML, a group of Inter Girls surrounded me BEGGING to go windsurfing because “it’s not thaaaat cold and […]


August 2014 – Junior Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin 21 Cabin 19 Cabin 17 Cabin 15


August 2014 – Inter Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin XB Cabin XA Cabin 11 Cabin 9 Cabin 7


August 2014 – Senior Boy Cabin Photos

Cabin F Cabin W The Smalls Cabin K


August 2014 – Junior Girl Cabin Photos

Cabin 26 Cabin 24 Cabin 6 Cabin 4


August 2014 – Inter Girl Cabin Photos

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August 2014 – Senior Girl Cabin Photos

The Curve Cabin 38B Cabin 38A Cabin 36